6 Words of Wisdom from Anthony Rapp

Best know for his role as Mark in the hit Broadway musical Rent, Anthony Rapp is not only a musical theater staple, but a beloved actor with a passion for education. It was such an honor to be able to spend time with Anthony on the set of Broadway Masters and discuss with him the things he learned along the way that really made an impression on him and how he used that advice to land him some of the most iconic roles in modern American theater. In his 45-minute master class, he takes us on an incredible journey through his personal hardships and how he was able to use his life experience to fuel his art. Below we compiled 10 quotes from Anthony's Broadway Masters masterclass for you to take along with you on you journey to Broadway:

1. "The rehearsal process is where the roots of the tree go deep into the ground and performing is just living it."

2. "I like that there's a framework and you have to live inside of the framework...but it's alive every time."

3. "The person who creates the role builds the house and then you live in it."

4. "Just start to get interested in whatever the thing is and let that be the seed that can feed this connection."

5. "No matter what the reputation of the acting program, it must be the right fir for you."

6. "It's important also to take a break. Rejuvenate, take care of your body and soul and mind so that you are that much more available to come back fresh and strong to perform 8 shows a week."

Watch the video here.

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